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Regina Martial Arts Center

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We are the only full time Martial Art Center in the Queen City, offering a unique  after school program with transportation,  full schedule of martial classes thought out the week with private classes  and evening programs available to fit your schedule.   A full line  of  Martial Arts Supplies & Weapons will be available through our store  to our students  and the public.

Text Box: Child care alternative to daycare with transportation for school age children.   A structured program and safe environment where children learn Korean Martial Arts and martial art related values,  until parents get off work.
Text Box: Haidong Gumdo is a Korean sword art which promotes physical and spiritual development through the process of mastering the blade.

After School Program

Haidong Gumdo Classes


Text Box: Comprehensive martial art teaching the Korean Arts  of  Hapkido  offering  physical conditioning and self-defense for all ages .                         Start Today!

Korean Hapkido Classes

To contact us:

2135 Broad Street

Regina, Saskatchewan

S4P 1Y6

Phone: 306-550-5988


We offer full day camps (9:00a.m.-5:30p.m) during school breaks, where children build confidence, learn martial arts, increase self-disciple, learn leadership, and have lots of Fun!  Open to all children Ages 5-14.


Weekend Classes that focus on specific areas of the martial arts such as flipping , knife defense, self-defense techniques , weapon or sword classes, ladies only self-defense and awareness classes.                                            Open to Public & Members

Seminar’s & Self-Defense Classes

Kido Kids Classes

Introductory martial art class for children ages 4-10. This class prepares the students with the basic fundamentals of martial arts in a positive fun class.  Hapkido  offering  physical conditioning and self-defense for all ages .                         Start Today!