Members That Attended Ft. Mac Tournament

Second Row: Braydon Dreger, Macara Conrad, Garnet Grey, Mr. Lowe, Carson Selensky, Jesse Scott, Joel Wyan (MJ), Jared Knelsen (MJ)

Front Row: Jennifer Knoll, Clayton Knoll, Jordon Wingenback (MJ), Mr. Finlay, Mr. Selensky, Stuart Ashton, Koa Conrad, Liam Hansen, Conal Conrad


Jared (MJ) -Gold   Forms                                     -Silver Sparring                                -Silver Weapon Forms

Jennifer –Silver Forms              

Liam     - Gold Sparring                                    -Silver Forms                                     -Bronze Team Sparring

Jesse      -Bronze Forms                                   -Bronze Team Sparring



Joel (MJ) -Gold Sparring                                    -Silver Forms

Stuart    -Gold Forms                                         -Gold Weapon Forms                     -Silver Sparring                                 -Bronze Team Sparring

Macara      -Gold Forms                                        -Bronze Sparring

Koa         -Gold Forms


Jordan (MJ) -Silver  Forms                                    -Silver Sparring

Garmet  -Gold Forms                                         -Bronze Sparring                              -Bronze Team Sparring

Conal     -Gold Forms                                         -Bronze Sparring                              -Bronze Team Sparring

Congratulations to all metal winners 26 metals were achieved, all team members competed hard and represented the Regina Martial Arts Center  with great Honor and Respect.  All had fun and are looking forward to making next years trip. Special Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Cody for they hospitality and support, we truly thank you for everything you did for us during our stay.