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Regina Martial Arts Center

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Korean Hapkido Classes


We offer great physical and mental training teaching the  Korean Art of  Hapkido with Traditional Korean Forms. Our self-defense emphasizing the use of Joint-locks, Throws, Chokes, Take-downs, and the use of Pressure Points to control an opponent of diverse sizes and proportions. 

Martial Arts is one of the largest growing sports in the world today being practiced by people of all ages you can become a part of it.

Through study and training develop: respect, self-discipline, a stronger character, flexibilityco-ordination, strength, sportsmanship, agility, speed, leadership, peace of mind, self-confidence, winning spirit, mind and body harmony.

Our new semester teaching style (Block Teaching System), allows for group training and a team atmosphere,  as well leadership program, advanced classes, ladies only self-defense courses, private lessons, and a black belt program.


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