The AMP not only operates on school days but on teachers' in-service days, spring break, winter break and even summer camps. A professional transportation company will pick up the children after school and they will be brought to the Dojang (Studio). Once at the Dojang they will be given a snack and drink, train in the Korean Martial Arts, do their homework and participate in game time.

Our Unique Program will help your child:

Ö Build Confidence

Ö Learn Self-Defense

Ö Improve Grades

Ö Increase Self-discipline

Flying Eagle Hapkido

Our program is the answer to your child's after-school needs. While providing your child with a fun and exciting martial art experience, we provide a structured environment where the children can develop respect, discipline, character, co-ordination, flexibility, strength, agility, speed, sportsmanship, leadership, peace of mind, self-confidence, winning spirit, mind and body harmony.

We are specialists in the field of martial arts; teaching school-age children to ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE physically and mentally. The daily Martial Arts classes will provide your child with a character building  education and will help him/her to build confidence, learn self-defense, improve their grades and increase self-discipline.

We have trained enthusiastic, caring staff and our teaching method is sensitively tailored to meet the needs of individual learning differences.

Flying Eagle Hapkido

Why pay for babysitting
 When your children can do homework,
 Learn structure, discipline, manners, Martial Arts,
 And have lots of fun
 For about the same money????

After School Martial Arts Program
 Martial Arts, Homework,
 Snack Time & Fun

The BEST investment

in your child’s future.

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Regina, Saskatchewan

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To contact us:

Phone: 306-550-5988

Regina Martial Arts Center

Tomorrow’s Success Begins Today!

After School Program

The AMP is not a day care. It is a week-to-week, year around program that is an alternative to daycare or babysitting. The purpose of this program is to give parents an attractive alternative to traditional day care, where children can learn martial arts and martial arts related values, while providing a safe environment until their parents get off work.