“Training never ends when one day is over  we  begin another.”

2135 Broad Street

Regina, Saskatchewan

S4P 1Y6

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Phone: 306-550-5988


Regina Martial Arts Center

Tomorrow’s Success Begins Today!

About Us

     We are a Full-Time Martial Arts Studio making a difference in the community.  We offer a great physical and mental program teaching the Korean Arts of  Hapkido Self-defense in a positive and safe environment.  Haidong Gumdo Sword Classes now offered.

We believe that through Martial Art training  one builds: True Self-Confidence, Knowledge in the Mind, Honesty in the HeartStrength in the Body, Self-Discipline, and Respect for Others that you continue to use though out your life and the world today!

        Offering a comprehensive martial art, emphasizing kicking and punching as well as joint-locks, throws, chokes, take-downs, and the use of pressure points.

      Our many programs and classes offer something for all ages, our family approach allows for everyone to:

· Get in Shape

· Improve  Flexibility

· Relief  Stress

· Have Fun!



    Martial Arts the sport where nobody sits on the bench!